Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is FraudArmor the same as insurance?

No, FraudArmor provides services to assist you in recovering from identity fraud, including making claims to financial institutions and other entities for reimbursement of funds lost due to fraud. FraudArmor advances funds on qualified losses while we work with your financial institution to reimburse the lost funds.

Q: Does FraudArmor apply to both personal and business checks?

Yes, benefits are available for those checks for which the program was purchased at the time of the check order.

Q: How does FraudArmor protect me from the effects of fraud?

FraudArmor will provide a Resolution Specialist to assist you with the effects of fraudulent transactions that might impact your account balance due to any type of identity fraud. FraudArmor also provides proactive daily Internet Monitoring service for no additional charge. The Internet Monitoring Service must be activated online, at which point you may provide up to 13 personal credentials you wish to be monitored. You are required to activate the service online and to provide up to 13 of your personal credentials to monitor. If we find suspicious activity relating to your provided credentials on Black Market sites on the Internet, we will alert you and you can determine if the information is indeed fraud. If so, your personal Resolution Specialist will assess the problem and act quickly. Your disputes will be filed within 24 hours of completion of required documentation.

In addition, if you need to close your current checking account, FraudArmor will supply you with replacement checks for your new checking account free of charge. All checks in your order will reflect the FraudArmor logo signifying your eligibility and a warning to thieves.

Q: Who owns FraudArmor?

FraudArmor is fully owned by Harland Clarke Corp., a leading manufacturer of printed check products. Harland Clarke utilizes one-or more service providers to provide the services under FraudArmor, as further described in the Terms and Conditions.

Q: If check fraud occurs on one or more of the checks for which I purchased FraudArmor, what do I do?

Step 1: Call 1-866-923-0452, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak with a FraudArmor representative. A Resolution Specialist will be assigned to you and will be available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time.

Step 2: Your Resolution Specialist will provide and help you complete the paperwork needed to begin your fraud remediation.

For all other inquiries and billing questions, or to discontinue service, please call the phone number found on your check reorder form located in the check box. Please note: FraudArmor is billed as a one-time fee with your order of checks.

Q: What is Fully Managed Recovery and who is eligible?

Fully managed means that in addition to advising customers on the best procedures to help prevent fraud or to respond to a fraud event, a Resolution Specialist can also act on behalf of customers by obtaining an executed limited power of attorney form.

If you suspect you are the victim of identity fraud, you will be assigned to a professional Resolution Specialist. Your Resolution Specialist will:

  • Securely deliver, via overnight mail or electronically, the required documentation to begin the Fully Managed Recovery process.
  • Work under the authority of your Limited Power of Attorney to deal directly with the Financial Institution and/or 3 credit bureaus.
  • Perform research and fraud remediation on your behalf, as needed, until the fraud has been resolved.
  • Provide 12 months of regular follow-up and one-bureau credit monitoring once the recovery case is completed/closed.

To learn more about the FraudArmor Recovery Services, visit the Service Description page.

Q: What is Internet Monitoring Service and who is eligible?

FraudArmor's Internet Monitoring service is an optional service that requires activation. There is no additional charge to you when you activate the monitoring service. Internet monitoring provides an early detection and warning system to detect when your personal or business information is exposed on high risk areas of the Internet, including black market sites. Easily register up to 16 of your personal or business credentials to be monitored. The Services are provided for one accountholder named on the checks to which the Services are attached, or for business check orders, the Services are provided for the business named on the check. Internet monitoring is available for up to 12 months after your order has shipped. To learn more about the FraudArmor Internet Monitoring Service, visit the Service Description page.

Q: What are Lost Document and Lost Wallet Replacement and who is eligible?

The Resolution Specialist will work with you to cancel and replace credit cards and other documents such as licenses, passports, personal bank accounts, and government issued documents, if they are lost or stolen. The Services are provided for all accountholders named on the checks to which the Services are attached, or for business check orders, the Services are provided for an Owner or Officer of the Company. To learn more about the FraudArmor Lost Document and Lost Wallet Replacement service, visit the Service Description page.

Q: What is Business Account Fraud Remediation and who is eligible?

Business fraud involves the fraudulent use of the Company's name, address, tax identification number, bank account number, business credit cards, business credit information, and other identifying information. When this information is used, without the knowledge of the Company's Owners or Officers, to commit fraud with the account on which the FraudArmor checks were issued, a Resolution Specialist will research and resolve the fraud on your behalf. The Services are provided for the Company named on the checks. To learn more about the FraudArmor Business Account Remediation service, visit the Service Description page.